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Track Name: Miracle Love Atlas
And you look into my Eyes,
don't be cruel.
Where is your Reply?
...that you love me too.
Track Name: You never know
You never know my Name,
who I am,
where I was born and
what I like to do.

You never know my Name,
who I am,
my favourite Bands,
my favourite Animals.

You're just the Girl on the Train,
I saw you there.
I like your Face,
I wanna take you Home.

I wanna take you Home,
I like your Eyes.
Never know your Name,
and who you are...
Track Name: Hobson's Choice
I hide and seek,
tonight I'm falling down
to where I'll rest my Head.

There is something on the Wall
I'm staring at.
Who is gonna drive me mad?

Of course I should be careful
with you.
But dear, you always make me cry.

This dark Blur on the Wall,
it seems so pure.
But Love I can't deny...
Track Name: Gemini
You and I...
Track Name: Ludo
Honesty is keeping me out
from the World that I used to stay,
where I wait for the Words you won't say...
Track Name: Heart Delay
I don't wanna let you go,
even when you let me know.
Make this step, please....
Track Name: The Girl from the Starry Aquarium
Starry Aquarium Girl,
where are you now?